Welcome to Life Beyond Addiction

Turning Addiction into a Passion that is Worthy of Your Life!

Welcome to Life Beyond Addiction, home of The LBA Project!

This is not your average addiction recovery website. The message here is that recovery is not about managing a disease, but it is about turning the energy that is bound up in addiction into a passion that is worthy of your life.

The aim of The LBA Project is to bring about a transformational shift in the recovery community. It’s time to bring addiction out of the shadows so that, rather than recovery being about managing a disease, it can be a path on which our unique gifts can be discovered.

Addicts are not hopless cases. Each and every one of us is here with a purpose and recovery is the invitation to discover that. In my life I stand for many things, but one of the main things I stand for is that each and every one of us has an innate goodness inside. Discovering that goodness that is our true nature is the beginning of the end of the toxic shame that has kept us bound.

Here you can find resources for your own recovery and healing. Here you can connect with real people who have used their recovery as a tool for personal transformation. Here you can find support in making your recovery something real and your own. Here you can find the courage to know your shadow side and do the work that is necessary to work through and reintegrate those disowned aspects of yourself. Here you can discover your unique gift and purpose for being alive.

I know from my own experience that a life beyond additiction is possible. I know that goes against what mainstream recovery teachers us, but here it is. This is what I stand for. When I say a life beyond addiction is possible, I say that because who we are on the inside is already beyond addiction and free of it. Who we are on the inside has never been touched by addiction. Who we are on the inside is free of the shame, guilt, fear, and self loathing that keeps the prison of addiction in place.

This doesn’t mean that we disown our addictive tendencies or bypass them. Actually it’s quite the opposite. Coming to know the innate goodness that is our true nature gives us the container for consciously cleaning up the mess we have made. Once we know who we really are as free of addiction, then we take responsibility, set our boundaries, make our amends, and serve others, but not out of a place of guilt and shame. Instead we serve from the very human vulnerability that is the healthy and healing side of shame.

If you are ready to discover all of this for yourself then welcome.